Friday, December 31, 2010

Fuck you 2010

Some pictures Matt took of Aaron's pool party the other night.

That's Barry and Aaron

Whatsup self

Danielle x

Myself and Isa the queen

Matt and myself

Aaron in the best T-shirt in cape Town

I've had a breezy wheezy year and I'm excited to piss all over 2011.

Destroy Anneline Kriel

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a drunken posty

hello it's a drunken posty. I am chilled and vibes. Love blogs they are da best. It's skoonchy's birthday and I aven't been able to get hold of him the whole day. I'm worried. I even called Pia! Oh ya yoy. Love ya my dini.


Most screenshots come from 4fucksakebabes.tumblr, a fucking cool, never-ending blog.


My friend Richard gave me the film 'Misery" to watch and said "I dedicate this movie to you, Fani haha".

It is indeed one of the most horrifying, thrilling, mind-fucking movies I've seen in a while. It's based on a Stephen King novel of the same name, and it's about a writer (James Caan) who is rescued by an obsessed fan (Kathy Bates) after a car accident.

She appears to be nursing him back to health at first, but after a while it is clear that he isn't getting any better, and that she has a psychotic and aggressive personality problem. She is FUCKED. I haven't been this terrified of Kathy Bates since I saw her naked in About Schmidt.
And look how terrified James Caan is...
The worst scene for me is when she "teaches him a lesson" for escaping from his room.
First she straps him to the bed
Then she fits this block of wood between his ankles.
She explains that she is going to do something called "Hobbling" to him.

Then she bashes both his ankles like this!

I was dry-heaving, crying and laughing at this scene. It is terrifiing for the more squirmish of us.

Basically, she is a crazed bitch and he is super chilled throughout the movie, which is funny, and it's very nicely done. 

There is an Indian remake of the movie called  Julie Ganapathy, and a newer Hollywood remake with Mischa Barton called Homecoming. It looks kak.