Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today I've been playing games off of  this site .

They're silly and easy but lots of fun, especially this game.

The games are so fun and I ended up playing a waitressing game, which consisted of taking orders, delivering food to customers, and cleaning tables.
The customers even got angry when I took too long.

Why is it so fun playing the game version of my job?

Maybe because I get to do it in my underwear...?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Vulgar Love Conversation (between a Plumber/Drummer and a French Trapeze Artist)

Swing into my room, Friz. Backflip into my bed, Shiz. You're looking too hot for words. Oh my word, you've made me squirt. If you want my ass then let's get down to dirt. Oh Nookie, don't watch me pukie, all over myself, this is bad for my health. Your girly voice makes me hot, you're smoking like pot. Like a pot of snot, or not? Stick your finger in my fro, hit my snare and call me "Ho!" I just wanna be your little bitch, don't think I'm too freaky?! I just want you to scratch my itch, don't worry you're a freak like me. This foreplay's kindof boring, don't you want to go exploring? I'll go on an escavation, oh dear! You're pipes need irrigation! I'm going to need a few tools for this. Jesus, is that smell piss? No, it's just me. I haven't washed for a few days, does it taste like mayonaise? It tastes like corn and ass and polony and foam, i'm gonna put your flange in a bottle and take it home. Make me moan! Oh circus girl, I'm so scared! I've never been this close to a fan before. But I thought you were a man, you whore! I'm not, I'm a little girl actually, won't you take off my panty? Stick your drumstick up my bum, prick. Bang on my boobs like a bongo drum, what can I do to make you come? Put my hard hat on your head and hit the bass, flange on my drumkit and shit on my face! Play on my bum clit and kick my head, felch me please and then throw me off the bed. Wait! What's that noise, like a little roar? Oh it must be Daniell, rubbing herself on the door. Hump me like an animal, please, I'm almost there! Ok ok, but do you want me to be a dog or a bear? I really couldn't care, woah! Check out your armpit hair! Shut up, you plumber. I'm trying to be like my French older brother. Oh Isa, I apologise, you know I've wanted you since that night at the show... Me too baby! Were you waiting for me to grow? No no no! Age doesn't matter, don't you know? Then why oh why did you wait so long? i wanted to get rid of the warts on my shlong! And now we're going at it all night long! Smoke bong! VaGOINAAaaah... Sepatown. What was that, you dirty little clown? You made me come from out of my bum. Oh poo, I want to come too. Well, what must I do? Must I hump you harder, must I lick your bum? Should I set you on fire, or crap on your tum? Or would you like to try on my bra? No, just tell me I'm the funkiest Allstar!*

*(The above situation is completely fictional and none of the above events really took place)